Your Guide to Post-Workout Nutrition

Written By Guest Contributor, Food Faith Fitness

There is so much information on the world wide web about working out.

What exercises to do to strengthen certain muscles, pre-built exercise routines to burn fat and build muscle, training to run a marathon. You name it, you can find step-by-step instructions on the internet.


But, what can be tricky to find is information on how and what to eat right after you finish one of these workouts. Post workout nutrition is JUST as important as the actual act of working out. You can CRUSH it at the gym but, if you don’t fuel up properly, you’re doing your muscles a disservice and not getting the most out of the hard work that you just did.


That, my internet friends, is where REBBL comes in.


The key to post workout nutrition or (PWO meal, as you may commonly see it referred to) is to eat a mix of protein and carbohydrates, keeping the fat in this meal to a minimum. The goal of the PWO meal is to refuel the glycogen in your muscles.  Think of glycogen for your muscles as gas for your car – it’s what muscles store to give them energy.  When we workout, we break down our stored muscle glycogen (or our muscles energy stores.) Carbohydrates refuel those stores.


Protein, on the other hand, supports our muscles.


Healthy fat in our diet is GREAT, but, dietary fat slows down the digestion of protein and carbs (this is why fat keeps you feeling fuller, longer) which isn’t optimal when you’re trying to get those 2 nutrients shuttled to your muscles as fast as possible – you should aim to eat your PWO meal within 45 minutes of completing your exercise.


So, back to REBBL Proteins.  Both the Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Spice:

  1. Are CRAZY delicious and are perfect to pack in your gym bag to drink as soon as you finish your workout.
  2. Pack 16g of plant protein to support building muscle.
  3. Have under 10g of fat per bottle, so they won’t slow down nutrient digestion too much.
  4. Contain a healthy dose of 18g of carbs to refuel your muscles’ energy supply.


Since 18g of carbs is a little bit shy of how much we need to properly fuel post-workout (we’re aiming for more like 45-70 depending on your fitness goals), I have 4 snack ideas for you to eat alongside your REBBL Protein!


If you’re drinking REBBL Dark Chocolate Protein:


  1. Spread a piece of toast (gluten-free, whole grain, whatever you like!) with 1 Tbsp. of organic honey, and top it with sliced strawberries. Who doesn’t love the combo of chocolate and strawberries? It’s like dessert after a workout!


2. Mix 1 tsp of unsweetened nut butter with a little bit of REBBL Dark Chocolate and spread it on toast, or some crackers. Top that with sliced celery.  Are you getting the childhood, ants-on-a-log vibes, too?


Remember – REBBL is already a great source of healthy fats from the organic coconut-milk, so there’s no need to go heavy on the nut butter. I know we all love a good dose of heart-healthy fats, but we’re really going for nutrient timing here, and too much of this good thing in the post workout meal will slow down protein from reaching your muscles!


If you’re drinking REBBL Vanilla Spice Protein:

3. Make sweet potato toast! Spread 1 tsp of nut butter on your toast, topped with sliced bananas and a pinch of cinnamon.  Spicy-sweet goodness.


Don’t know how to make sweet potato toast? Simply peel your sweet potato, slice it thin and toast in your toaster (a few times!) until crispy! This could take a good 10-12 minutes.


4. Make some spicy-sweet oatmeal! Simply mix ½ cup of rolled, old-fashioned oats with 1 cup of REBBL Vanilla Spice and cook on the stove, or in the microwave, until thick.  Stir in some sliced apples, for a little bit of texture, and drink the rest of your REBBL on the side!


BOOM – just like that you have 4 simple ways to use REBBL to support athletic performance and fuel recovery, all at the same time!


Taylor is the blogger, photographer and general mess-maker behind the healthy, gluten free food blog “Food Faith Fitness.” She’s also a certified personal trainer, who strives to create recipe that nourish your body, mind and soul and still taste great – healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard!  Through her blog, she aims to teach people about moderation, the importance of health and nutrition and trying to keep Christ at the center of it all.

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