Rebbl FAQ

General Info & Nutrition

What is REBBL?

REBBL crafts truly delicious, indulgent beverages made from real, organic ingredients—Roots, Extracts, Berries, Botanicals, and Love. When you drink REBBL you know you’re doing the right thing by nourishing your body. What’s more, every REBBL has a cause—all ingredients are ethically-sourced, supporting the communities that grow them, and ensuring we all do our part to help in a bigger way. REBBL With A Cause.

Are your beverages perishable or shelf stable?

All of our beverages are perishable and require refrigeration. Once opened, we recommend consuming your drink within a few hours. 

How long does my REBBL beverage stay fresh after opening?

For optimal freshness, we recommend enjoying your beverage within 3-5 days after opening. Keep refrigerated.

Is REBBL pasteurized?

Yes, our product is flash pasteurized — not high pressure pasteurized. The thermal process we use is much gentler than high pressure pasteurization, allowing you to reap the most benefits from the herbal ingredients in our beverages.

What quantity of herbal ingredients are in each bottle?


Ashwagandha Chai Elixir: 650mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract 

Maca Mocha Elixir: 750mg Maca extract 

Maca Cold-Brew Coffee Elixir: 750mg Maca extract 

Matcha Latte Elixir: 2,600mg Matcha (35mg L-theanine) 

Reishi Chocolate Elixir: 200mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan)  

Reishi Cold-Brew Coffee Elixir: 200mg Reishi extract  (70% Beta-glucan)  

Turmeric Golden-Milk Elixir: 1900mg whole Turmeric root & 1000mg ginger

Gold Label Ultimate Elixir: 750mg Maca extract, 200mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan), 100mg Maitake extract, 125g Turkey Tail extract, 125g Lion’s Mane extract, 650mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, and 1000mg Ceylon Cinnamon

Protein Elixirs 

Cold-Brew Coffee Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 250mg Maca extract, and 100mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan)  

Dark Chocolate Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 250mg Maca extract, and 100mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan)  

Vanilla Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 250mg Maca extract, and 100mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan)  

Banana Nut Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 1000mg whole Turmeric root, 1600mg cinnamon bark 

Mint Chip Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 250mg Maca extract, and 100mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan) 

Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Elixir: 320mg Ashwagandha 10:1 full spectrum extract, 250mg Maca extract, and 100mg Reishi extract (70% Beta-glucan) 

Do REBBL beverages contain caffeine?

The following beverages contain caffeine:   

Reishi Cold-Brew Coffee Elixir: 140 mg

Cold-Brew Coffee Protein Elixir: 140 mg

Maca Cold-Brew Coffee Elixir: 140 mg

Matcha Latte Elixir: 80-100 mg

Ashwagandha Chai Elixir: 50 mg

Forest Berry Sparkling Tonic: 30-40 mg

Dark Chocolate Protein Elixir: 20-30 mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

Reishi Chocolate Elixir: 10-20 mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

Gold Label Ultimate Elixir: 10-20mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

Hazelnut Chocolate Protein Elixir: <10mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

Mint Chip Protein Elixir: <10mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

Maca Mocha Elixir: 7 mg (cocoa naturally contains trace amount of caffeine)

How long is my Elixir good for after opening?

For optimal freshness, we recommend enjoying your Elixir within 3-5 days of opening — and it should always stay refrigerated!

Are your drinks gluten free?

Our products are naturally gluten free, as we don’t use any gluten-containing ingredients. 

Are your drinks vegan?

All of our products are vegan except for those that contain organic honey: Turmeric Golden-Milk Elixir, Matcha Latte Elixir, and Ginger Gold Tonic.

Can I heat my elixir?

Yes, our beverages can reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit for no more than one minute and still maintain the efficacy of the herbs. We recommend pouring the Elixir into a pot and heating on the stovetop, rather than the microwave.

Why coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar is minimally processed from coconut palm sap and has the benefit of being nutritious and mineral-rich. It is lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar and agave.

Why stevia?

In addition to organic coconut sugar, our beverages are sweetened with organic stevia: a natural plant used as a sweetener.  Using organic stevia  allows us to reduce the overall sugar content of our beverages by at least 30%. It’s also zero on the glycemic index.

What is quillaja?

Quillaja is a plant ingredient extracted from a Chilean tree. We use quillaja extract as an emulsifier to keep our beverages a consistent, creamy texture.

Do REBBL beverages contain dairy, soy, refined sugars, or carrageenan?

Absolutely not.

Did you change the amount of reishi in your products?

You may have noticed the milligrams of reishi in our products has recently changed.

While it may seem that the 400 mg of reishi extract originally in our reishi products has decreased to 200 mg, the efficacy (strength!) of this herb in our beverages has actually increased. The reason for this is that we are now using a 70% Beta-glucan extract, which is a more concentrated extract of reishi and about 140 times as potent as the raw mushroom by weight.

Ordering Online

Can I cancel my subscription after placing an order and keep the discount?

Subscription discounts are for new subscriptions, not one time orders.  If you cancel your entire subscription after only one shipment, you will be billed the subscription savings from your first order to the card used for your subscription.

How can I get free shipping on my order?

We’re happy to offer free shipping on any orders over $60.  This includes any discounts or credits — if you apply a discount code to your order and the total is below $60 you will be charged shipping.

Where does REBBL ship?

We ship to the 48 contiguous states.  Due to the perishable nature of our products, we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or any other US Territory or country. Because our products are perishable, we do not ship to any PO boxes.

Do discount codes work for recurring orders?

Yes they do!  Any discount code you apply at checkout to a new subscription will work for your initial order.  However, all subsequent orders will receive the standard subscription pricing

Do you sell REBBL drinks online?

Yes, we do!  REBBL Elixirs are available for purchase online. You can also sign up for an ongoing subscription to save 15% and receive automatic home delivery.

When can I expect my order?

Most orders arrive to your doorstep within 4-6 business days via FedEx or USPS Mail. You’ll receive email and text updates after your order has been shipped, when it is out for delivery, and immediately after it has been delivered. 

Do I need to refrigerate my REBBL bottles after they are delivered?

We ship our products to arrive at your door cold. Please refrigerate your REBBL shipment as soon as possible after delivery. 

Are your shipping materials safe for the environment?

We’re proud to say that our boxes, liners, and ice packs are all fully bio-degradable or curb-side recyclable.  We’re partner with Temperpack for our liners and boxes, and Polar Tech for our non-toxic, biodegradable ice packs!

How can I change or cancel my monthly subscription?

You can pause, skip, change, your ongoing REBBL subscription at anytime. If you cancel before the second shipment, the difference in price will be charged to your card on file.   

To do so, just login to your account here.  

If you have trouble login or haven’t created an account, you’ll need to do that first at this link.

Why isn’t my discount code working?

 If you are having issues using a discount code, please check the following:

  • Check that the code was entered correctly

  • Ensure that your order is not a subscription (discount codes can only be applied to new subscription orders)

  • Some codes have rules and restrictions. Make sure to double check these.

  • Each code has an expiration date.

If you are still having trouble and believe your discount code is valid, please email 

Packaging & Environmental Impact

Do you use plastic?

Yes, we use 100% recycled plastic for our 12oz bottles, not including our caps and labels. Our environmentally friendly packaging converts used plastic into our new 12 oz plastic bottles. This conserves resources, reduces landfill, and capitalizes on the energy already invested in making existing plastic products. It is a complex and costly process but one we are proud to prioritize. Learn more about our Green Packaging Initiative here

What are the best practices for recycling REBBL bottles?

You can recycle our bottles and caps. Best practices include keeping the caps on the bottle so that the caps do not fall through the conveyor belt when processing. For more details on best practices for recycling, check with your local facility:

Where are your ingredients from?

We ethically source organic ingredients from over 29 countries and counting. To learn more about specific ingredients, check out the sourcing map on our impact page.