With a REBBL Yell, We Cry “Hello 2017!”

Written By Guest Contributor, Ashley Koff RD
The Collective

We are excited to kickoff this new year with you!

It’s no secret that when January comes around, it can be difficult to feel well. The holidays may have kicked our backsides – whether that means a little more food or drinks, a lot less sleep, way more expenses, or loads more “I will deal with that in January” items – or all of these and then some!


It’s a New Year, Why Not REBBL?

After nearly twenty years of working with patients – that’s a lot of holidays and New Year’s resolutions (!) – I know there’s no such thing as perfect. There’s no perfect health, no perfect nutrition, nor no perfect diet. But there is better nutrition, and it just got a lot easier for you! I am collaborating with REBBL on this FREE plan to help you empower your better self today and all year long. Over the next few weeks, I will share our Top Ten Mindful REBBL-utions to help you thrive in 2017. So let’s REBBL against the perfect, and discover the delicious, better health power that comes from making better not perfect choices more often!


The Top 4 Mindful REBBL-utions:

  1. Be Mindful: Better Nutrition Better Be Delicious! Yeah, let’s make this the year we stop eating or drinking things that taste horrible, just because we are told they’re good for us! After all, things that don’t taste totally delicious never seem to satisfy, so we’re unlikely to make them into habits. It’s actually more likely that we’ll find something (anything!) that does satisfy our taste buds without giving much thought to nutritional value… and those thoughtless extras can keep us from achieving better results, whatever that means for you.

    Ashwagandha, maca  and medicinal mushrooms (like reishi and maitake) are awesome for us – as adaptogens they help our individual bodies adapt better to challenges like managing stress or compromised immune systems. But adding ashwagandha or mushroom powder to a smoothie and having it taste delicious? Well, sometimes our daily workload doesn’t adapt so we can meet that goal. It’s a New Year, Why Not REBBL? Enjoy REBBL’s adaptogen-powered Ashwagandha Chai, Maca Mocha, Reishi Chocolate, or Maca Cold-Brew elixirs!


  2. Be Mindful: Better Nutrition Comes From Better Not Perfect More Often:  Tired of the perfect advice? I am! Recommendations like “avoid ALL sugar,” “coffee is bad,” “skip anything that has X, Y, Z and only have P,Q,R, S,” and oh yeah, “Everyone should do ____ every day!” I find perfect advice, perfectly unrealistic, and as a result, perfectly unhelpful. My office is full of people who’ve followed perfect plans perfectly, gotten perfectly frustrated, and now feel perfectly unhealthy. My advice to them and you: there is no perfect nutrition or diet or workout or health. Thankfully there is better nutrition that comes from making better not perfect choices more often.


  3. Be Mindful: Better Balance for Better Results: Better nutrition results – better energy, better metabolism, better fitting clothes – come from a balancing of nutrients, better not perfect,  more often. Our bodies want all macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and they also do better with more of the super powers of plants to get all their work done.

    It’s a New Year, Why Not REBBL? Aim for a better balance at most nutrition pit stops. This means: carbs (~15-30g), protein (~7-15g), & fats (~5-15g) and then get extra credit when the nutrients come from the Plant Queendom (see #3). Need help? Check out The Better Nutrition Plan (insert link) and the “how to use the plan” section. 


  4. Be Mindful: Like You, Plants Have Super Powers, too: Wonder Twin powers activate! I believe we all have super powers. My superpower is that I am a super mirror – people love the way they look in my eyes because I choose to see the best in them and celebrate those parts of them. Plants have superpowers too. A special group of super herbs are called adaptogens. They come from plants having to figure out how to survive in difficult places (like Siberia – not kidding!)

    It’s a New Year, Why Not REBBL?: Arm your body and mind with all the super powers you can give them, by sipping on delicious adaptogens. After all, life these days isn’t always a cake walk so having some super support can help you handle it – versus feeling “handled.”


What’s your superpower? Let us know in the comments below!

 Ashley Koff RD, founder of Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) helps you make better not perfect choices more often so you can get and keep your better health. A leading world expert in better nutrition, Koff shares her message with millions via media, social media, as a keynote speaker, author and industry consultant as well as through The Better Membership, an online resource to provide patients, healthcare providers and the media with better tools, approved products and services. Koff lives in Washington DC with her dog Rerun, plays the trumpet, is an obsessed basketball fan and loves being outdoors.