Stay Golden: Remarkable Turmeric

Written By Rachel Hauser

By now you may be wondering what puts the “Golden” in “Golden-Milk”. Turmeric is the shining star in this anti-inflammatory coconut-milk beverage, delivering 1500 mg of the Ayurvedic root sourced from southeast India. This root has been revered as a super herb for its unique and beneficial properties for over 200 years. Historically this golden root has been used to support joint health, respiratory health, and digestive wellness.

Clinical studies have shown this root may support reduced inflammation, help to cleanse our bodies of those little toxin buggers, and aid in muscle recovery after exercise.

How does turmeric grow?

This plant likes tropical conditions, but it’s fairly hardy when faced with elements out of its preferred climate. While the root grows into a beautiful bright orange color, the stalks grow long, tall, and green with large elongated oval leaves.


Here at REBBL, our goal is to make plant-powered beverages taste delicious, while also maintaining efficacy. For our Golden-Milk, this means increasing the bioavailability of curcumin, the star antioxidant of turmeric, by up to 20 times with the addition of black pepper fruit extract. Because curcumin is also liophilic and only dissolves in fats, our coconut-milk acts as the vehicle for delivering turmeric’s key bioactives.


How can I use turmeric at home?

Your golden love doesn’t have to end after you’ve finished sipping on our Elixir – there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this super herb into your daily lifestyle. Traditionally, turmeric has been used in curries, but now it’s also used in all sorts of inventive ways – in smoothies, oatmeal, energy bars, teas, soups, dressings, sauces – the list goes on and on! If you’re looking to explore a new turmeric-powered recipe, we’ve got you covered. Our recipe corner features this super herb in a delicious chia pudding – you can thank us later ☺ A quick search on the web can render also hundreds of recipes utilizing the powerful root.

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