Ruby Rose Shares About Super Herbs & Adaptogens

Written By Kathleen Tan
The Collective

Hollywood actor, human rights activist, and chief REBBL rouser Ruby Rose joins us in celebrating the Plant Queendom! Super Herbs, adaptogens, and plants are a huge part of Ruby’s lifestyle, who follows a plant-based diet to fuel her on the dailyfrom training for Batwoman to holding leading roles in upcoming films. With such a busy schedule, often traveling the world and working 12 hour days, she relies on adaptogens to keep her feeling balanced. Lately, she’s also been incorporating a lot of complete plant protein and anti-inflammatory super herbs to keep her nourished as she trains for the CW’s Batwoman. Here, we sit down with Ruby to learn more about how she keeps her body fueled with super herbs!

I found that incorporating ‘super herbs’ … help prepare myself both physically and mentally for a new project.

Ruby Rose

Actor & Activist

Q. Why did you start incorporating super herbs in your life?

With constantly changing roles, travel and a busy schedule, I found that incorporating “super herbs” into my diet was the perfect way to help prepare myself both physically and mentally for a new project.

Creating concoctions with the right super herbs and adaptogens takes time….that I often don’t have, and if you’ve ever tried to mix Ashwagandha or Maca into your own beverage, it often doesn’t really taste that great, so when I stumbled upon REBBL super herb elixirs at Whole Foods, I knew they had to be a staple in my refrigerator. I also use their plant-based protein drinks with super herbs ahead of workouts and love their Ashwagandha Spicy Chai to help support my strength and vitality.


Q. What is your key to relaxation with such an arduous schedule? Any meditation tips?

Outside of using adaptogens, I have added Chinese Martial arts and a meditation practice called Qi Gong to my life. Those practices have changed my life and health! There are great apps for this also like “calm” and “gaia” is great also.


Q. How do you recover from such an intense film schedule and stay healthy?

I take a vast number of supplements – including zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, Echinacea and a multivitamin. This help keep my immune system up and allows my body to bounce back quickly, especially when my travel schedule is intense.  Drinking your weight in water and getting a good night’s sleep is essential!


Q. What foods/super herbs do you eat to prepare yourself for your superhero role?

I follow a plant-based diet and typically start my day with some muesli and vegan yogurt. I typically add a drink with ginger to help give me energy or if I’m in a hurry I reach for REBBL’s Turmeric Golden-Milk for joint support and digestive health.

During the day I snack on fruit (I love cherries when they’re in season) and carrot sticks. I am also sickly obsessed with hummus, to the point that I will find the best hummus spots in every city. I need my protein so I make sure I always have shakes, bars or greens to get me through.


Q. What’s your soul’s passion/what enlivens you?

Creating, storytelling, music, my friends and family and, of course, my three dogs… well 4 including Daisy who lives with my grandad in Australia.


Q. What’s your spirit plant or super herb?

My spirit herb is Reishi. It is called the “divine mushroom of immortality” for its immunity support and I hope that my work and business ventures will reflect this same sense of timeless immortality.

Ruby Rose Leads the REBBL Collective

Ruby Rose is the leading member of the REBBL Collective. The goal of the Collective is to bring together influential,  purpose-driven, passionate individuals to bring awareness and devise creative ways to address issues of climate change and human trafficking – two global issues which are inextricably linked.

Ruby was instrumental in mobilizing the Collective with a goal of helping to develop solution-oriented activities that they and the REBBL community can undertake to participate in whole-systems impact. Envisioned as an active, diverse, strategic counsel, the REBBL Collective is reflective of the brand’s mission to share their deeply rooted impact story while addressing human rights issues and having a regenerative impact on the environment. Members of the Collective, who reach across broad interests, will lend their unique experiences to help REBBL and Not for Sale raise awareness and create programs and activities to prevent exploitation and strengthen vulnerable communities around the world.