Ruby Rose Joins REBBL

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It’s official. Ruby Rose is a REBBL.

Well, the secret’s out 🙂 We are thrilled to announce that Ruby Rose, Hollywood actor (Orange is the New Black, The Meg, Batwoman) and human rights activist is officially joining the REBBL family. Serving as an advisor and investor, Ruby is joining us in making a positive impact on the world through our ethically sourced super herb elixirs.

Ruby and REBBL’s relationship is an organic love story: Ruby discovered REBBL while shopping at her local Whole Foods Market. With an underlying passion for herbs and plants used in ancient Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine practices, Rose has traveled all over the world to learn about super herbs as a way to fuel her lifestyle and nourish her body.  

Ruby Rose with the team, strategizing about how to amplify REBBL’s impact mission.

The more Ruby Rose learned about REBBL, the more she fell in love. Initially, she was amazed that REBBL could deliver efficacious levels of functional adaptogens with such decadent and exquisite taste … and as she dug in a bit and learned about the founding story and partnership with Not For Sale-—she quickly became enamored, realizing the brand and company aligned closely with her ideals and business aspirations.

Through ethical, impact sourcing of organic ingredients, REBBL helps prevent human exploitation by empowering communities around the world so that they are less vulnerable to trafficking. REBBL also donates 2.5% of sales to the nonprofit Not for Sale, which works to protect people and communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Passionate about our mission, Ruby contacted us directly—wanting to become a REBBL.

“To me, it’s not only imperative that people grasp the efficacious and functional power of adaptogens and super herbs, but that they learn about REBBL’s impact story—discovering and understanding why, when, how, and where REBBL sources its certified organic ingredients from,” states Rose. “REBBL is far more than a company or a brand, it’s a human rights movement, and I am humbled to play a role in this journey.”

Ruby Rose


We are so excited to welcome Ruby Rose as the newest addition to our family. "Ruby is the perfect, most harmonious fit for our brand and company," says Sheryl O'Loughlin, REBBL CEO. "Not only is she a plant-based super-herb-loving rebel, but she is an authentic advocate for social justice and is truly REBBL-hearted in her approach to work, philanthropy, and life. She is a savvy business person who wants to share her passion for the transformational power of plants with the rest of the world."

Ruby Rose working with REBBL on a documentary about impact sourcing.

Rose’s investment and involvement in REBBL reaches far beyond a one-dimensional financial partnership. Rose is eager to pour her energy and creative spirit into helping the REBBL team further address human rights issues. 

“Ruby really wasn’t interested in simply being an ‘Ambassador’ for REBBL—it was never her intent when she reached out to us,” said Rusti Porter, SVP Consumer Engagement and Marketing for REBBL.

“From our first conversations, she has been enthusiastic about being an active participant in strategic brand planning, creative development, and so much more. We are currently working on several projects with her—one of which is a documentary focused on our sourcing of Brazil Nuts in the Peruvian Amazon—she has a lot of creative input and her expertise here will help tremendously as we look to share the deeply rooted, complex impact story,” said Porter.  

The possibilities of the partnership between Ruby and REBBL know no bounds, however, there is one guarantee—together REBBL and Ruby will strive to model a regenerative business that adds value to all of its stakeholders - including sourcing communities, retailers, suppliers, growers, team and the earth.

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