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Bring On the PREBIOTICS!

You may have already heard the news, but in case you missed it…we just introduced four Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics into the world. Hydrating, effervescent, delicious-tasting, plant-based revitalization awaits. 

But before we get into the details, let us get just one thing clear: our Tonics are  #notkombucha. While we love the occasional kombucha, we’ve soured to all the sugar, and have found another way to help support our microbiome and overall gut balance: PREBIOTICS!

While probiotics have had their moment in the spotlight, and by now it may be common knowledge that a healthy gut is made of friendly bacteria (called probiotics), prebiotics are just as important (if not more so) in supporting a healthy microbiome.  

Curious about learning more? Below, we share the basics on all things prebiotics, and, of course, where you can find our newly debuted Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics. 

Wait—What Are Probiotics? 

Probiotics are the tiny microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast that live in your gut. They play a role in aiding digestion and supporting gut health.


What Exactly Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a special type of fiber that the human body cannot digest, but instead serves as food for probiotics. Prebiotics are needed to help the probiotics in your gut thrive – the two work hand in hand! Prebiotics are present in certain fiber-rich foods, such as dandelion greens, garlic and onions, burdock root, chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and jicama.


How Else Can I Incorporate More Prebiotics in My Diet?

We’re glad you asked! 😉 Our new  Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics have 6g of prebiotic fiber in every bottle, which can support healthy digestion as part of a high-fiber diet from a variety of sources. 

The daily recommendation for dietary fiber is 25g, yet most people only get half the fiber needed for a strong and thriving gut microbiome. Luckily,  our Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics deliver 6g of fiber from inulin – that’s 24% of your daily recommended intake! – per bottle!

Speaking of Inulin … What is It?

Inulin is a type of soluble prebiotic fiber found in many plants. Ours is sourced from the agave plant. It functions as a prebiotic, and is classified as dietary fiber since it’s considered a food source for the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. Our gut bacteria converts inulin and other prebiotics into short-chain fatty acids, which nourish cells among other health benefits.



What Flavors Are Available?

Forest Berry

Crisp and complex, Forest Berry features elderberry, blueberry, bergamot, and craft-brewed Assam black tea. This Tonic is robust and fruit-forward with a hint of vanilla and black tea. Forest Berry is vegan and contains 100 mg of natural caffeine from tea.




Ginger Gold

With notes of spicy ginger, earthy turmeric, warming vanilla, and bright citrus, Ginger Gold is taste bud and microbiome approved. Made with the world’s most advanced turmeric extract, this organic Tonic may also support relief for joint pain. Like the other REBBL Tonics, Ginger Gold features six grams of prebiotic fiber for digestion support, along with ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper.


Mystic Mint

Mystic Mint is pure, gut-supporting effervescent hydration that energizes with craft-brewed yerba mate, cooling peppermint, hibiscus and lemon. Mystic Mint is vegan with 100 mg of caffeine from yerba mate.


Cold-Brew Cola

REBBL’s Cold-Brew Cola is a sparkling coffee tonic that is both energizing and fortifying, with a nostalgic nod to classic cola flavor. It is vegan and contains 120 mg of caffeine from coffee and six grams of prebiotic fiber.


Where Can I Find REBBL’s New Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics?

Right now, our Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics  are available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets. Look for them in the kombucha aisle…even though they are #notkombucha.


What Holistic Health Coach Koya Webb Says About REBBL Tonics:


I always tell people to think of your gut as your personal garden. Tending to your gut health can result in a healthier digestive system, stronger immune system and even clearer skin. It’s important to care for the microbiome by incorporating both probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods like lentils, certain vegetables, and some fruits. Or, for something on-the-go, grab a revitalizing REBBL Sparkling Tonic with 6g of plant prebiotic fiber, which also lends itself to functional benefits!

Koya Webb

Collective Member, Celeb Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

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