Don’t Fall for An Age-Old Nutrition Myth!

Written By Guest Contributor, Ashley Koff RD
The Collective

On behalf of all nutrition professionals, I apologize. For years, we – and your mothers, fathers, teachers, coaches – told you “You are what you eat.” It was our way to motivate you to eat more broccoli, choose real cheese versus “cheese food” and drink water instead of soda. Sometimes it worked, sometimes you rolled your eyes, and sometimes it made you choose the other, because we all have inner-rebels that just don’t want to do what we are told 😉 ! Decades later and many of you have made better nutrition choices more often, but you aren’t where you want to be better health-wise, and you often hear your inner rebel saying “I told you so”! Mea culpa. What we told you wasn’t wrong, it just wasn’t specific enough to help you get and keep better results. What you need to know is: you are not what you eat; you are what you digest and absorb!


1. Be Mindful: The Body Performs Better When It Digests Better:  When your body is overwhelmed, neither your mind nor body can function at optimal levels. So while it matters what you take in, it matters more what happens once it is inside of you. Food needs to be broken down into usable nutrients, and those nutrients need to get where they are meant to go. When our bodies are stressed, they divert attention from digestion in favor of addressing the source of their stress (like a lion they need to run away from to survive!).

Enjoy 2 quick tips to enable better digestion and absorption when life is a little – or especially, when life is a lot – stressful!

+ Choose better liquids – like plant-based better proteins, fats, carbs and adaptogens – because they require less digestive work, and as such are ready to be absorbed right when you need them!   

+ Choose cacao and other magnesium-rich foods because magnesium is Mother Nature’s muscle relaxant; it helps cells turn off the ‘fight or flight’ response and get back to the business of better digestion. It’s A New Year, Why Not REBBL?



2. Be Mindful: Better Fuel Delivers Better Results.  Nature creates delicious ready-to-eat foods and ingredients that supply us with nutrients that the body breaks down (i.e. “digests”) to use as fuel for each of its systems. We can create many things in chemistry labs that look and even smell like nature’s ingredients, but the body can spot the difference. There are also chemicals that we should just never consume. (Check out my blog for tips on sorting out what you want and don’t.) Read labels and look for ingredients you recognize to give your body what it needs, and avoid what might irritate or disrupt it.


+ A grab ‘n go smoothie can be a great choice especially for hectic days, but it can also be a digestion disruptor. Check ingredient labels to avoid “protein isolates” “corn syrup” and loads of added vitamins and minerals that likely don’t come from food sources, but rather from chemistry labs. Your body is less likely to rebel against you when it gets better not perfect choices more often. It’s A New Year, Why Not REBBL?! for a happy and healthy better digestive system fueled by better nutrition.


3. Be Mindful: Choose Better ‘Free From’s’: What a Product is full of matters as much as, if not more than, what it is free from. Whether your body requires that you avoid known allergens, or has specific intolerances, or if you simply prefer to choose foods free from certain ingredients, it is critical that you fill up on better nutrition.


+ It’s A New Year, Why Not REBBL? When you choose REBBL products you get better Free From – that means free from the top allergens like dairy and soy, and full of organic, non-GMO, plant nutrients including superstar herbs like adaptogens and MCT-filled coconut-milk.


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 Ashley Koff RD, founder of Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) helps you make better not perfect choices more often so you can get and keep your better health. A leading world expert in better nutrition, Koff shares her message with millions via media, social media, as a keynote speaker, author and industry consultant as well as through The Better Membership, an online resource to provide patients, healthcare providers and the media with better tools, approved products and services. Koff lives in Washington DC with her dog Rerun, plays the trumpet, is an obsessed basketball fan and loves being outdoors.