My New Year’s Health Hack

Written By Guest Contributor, Koya Webb, Holistic Health Coach
The Collective

As a celebrity holistic health coach and yoga instructor, a lot of what I focus on is sharing the importance of eating whole foods to sustain our bodies and provide us with the nutrients we need to function at our best. But in addition to real, whole foods, there is something else I highly encourage integrating more of into any diet: super herbs.

What are Super Herbs?

 “Super herbs are natural herbs and roots that have the ability to positively impact your body—as is the case with many foods. They can support your immune system, help maintain digestion, and so much more. What many people don’t realize is that super herbs are actually incredibly easy to incorporate into your diet, and yes, they can make a difference!”

Celebrity Holistic Health Coach, Koya Webb

My Favorite Super Herbs

Ashwagandha is powerful super herb that’s often called the “Strength of a Stallion”; this Ayurvedic root is believed to support strength and vitality. It’s one of the most important and most widely consumed herb in Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic wellness systems originating in India.

Another one of my favorite super herbs is turmeric. Nutrient-rich, turmeric is my #1 go-to when I want to sustain health.  That’s why this orange root is popular amongst athletes and wellness enthusiasts. Turmeric’s potency is amplified when combined with black pepper and healthy “fit body” fats —which is why REBBL elixirs feature all three.

Last but not least is ginger. I love how versatile ginger is to use, and how great it can make you feel. Starting off your day with some hot water and ginger is an excellent way to help support your digestive system. Some believe it may also help address occasional nausea.

Though some might underestimate the power of plants and roots, the fact is, they are incredibly powerful and packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to maintain the health of our bodies. Super herbs play an integral role in maintaining health. I can genuinely say that by incorporating more super herbs into my daily routine, I feel much more energized, healthy and mentally, physically and spiritually stronger. 

What I love about REBBL elixirs especially, is that they make it easy for us to consume super herbs. Rather than being tasked with finding and measuring out super herbs and trying to incorporate them into our meals or beverages, REBBL makes delicious ready-to-drink beverages that contain an efficacious amount of super herbs that helps us feel our best.

New Year, More Super Herbs

As the holidays fly by and we welcome in a new year, I invite you to incorporate more super herbs into your diet with REBBL Rejuvenation. For starters, REBBL elixirs can guide you into this world of health and wellbeing through the introduction of super herbs in your daily routine. Your body deserves to consume important nutrients so that you can truly enjoy good health and live your best life. How you will feel is too good not to embrace — you can feel the difference for yourself!

Koya Webb is a yoga teacher, holistic health and wellness coach and founder of Get Loved Up Yoga School. Her passion now revolves around guiding people on their journey to a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle. Koya is joining REBBL in our mission to positively impact the world through deliciously nourishing super herb elixirs.