Movement As Nourishment

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As a holistic health coach and yoga instructor passionate about wellness, I have explored a number of healing modalities and studied various practices over the years. Of them all, yoga has been one that continues to make a difference in my life.

Koya Webb, holistic heath coach

As a result of practicing yoga for years, I have determined the yoga poses that work best for my body, which could be helpful for others depending on their needs. I have experienced a wide range of positive benefits including better mobility, digestion, and flexibility. Today, I want to share three of by favorite beginner yoga poses.

I hope you can use these stretches to feel better in your body daily.

Cat Cow Pose

If you have temporary stiffness in your lower back or need a deeper stretch to other parts of your body, this is an excellent pose to try. For me, the Cat-Cow pose strengthens and lengthens my spine, which improves my posture and relieves any pain in that area. It also provides a great stretch for my neck, back and shoulders while also doing the same to my hips, stomach and chest.

Cat Cow Pose

Pigeon Pose

The hips can often be a difficult place to target to relieve stress and tension. Pigeon pose allows me to open up my hips and increase hip flexibility very easily. Aside from just the physical aspect, pigeon pose helps me release anxiety and tension stored in the hips. The hips can carry a lot of stress and negative energy, which makes them become tight. That’s why I find the pigeon pose an important pose to practice.

Pigeon Pose


The looks of savasana can be very deceiving. While it seems simple to lay flat in a relaxed state, it can be really difficult to retain a relaxed state of mind especially after a full practice. That’s what makes this pose so important! It challenges me to practice easing my mind into a state of calmness while also releasing your muscles from any tension or tightness—a practice of true relaxation.

Savasana Pose

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