Want Better Results? It’s A New Year, Why Not REBBL?!

Written By Guest Contributor, Ashley Koff RD

You’ve got goals, you’ve made plans, and you’ve started to implement them. GO YOU! What will it take for you to keep on your path?

Only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions!*

To keep on your path, especially when life happens, you need resources – like better tools and real support – to help you keep what’s already working and to act better, not perfect, more often so that you are not a part of that statistic. So the next group of our Be Mindful REBBL-utions are designed to help you stay on your path, to help you continue to make better, not perfect, choices more often.


Be Mindful: Better Nutrition Better Be Affordable: When you have less in your pocket, make more of what you have available. Nothing like the holidays to drain our resources! You love to give gifts and travel to see those you love, but it can leave your wallet and bank account a little or a lot lighter in January. Don’t stress. Grab a REBBL!  Each bottle of REBBL is 12 ounces, so you can enjoy it in a single serving or choose to stretch it over several better nutrition pit stops using these easy recipes that will help you up the nourishment – and add deliciousness – to some staples like oats, ricepancakes and more!


Be Mindful: Better Weight Loss Better Come From Fat Loss (not muscle): successful weight loss is losing unhealthy fat and never finding it again. You can lose weight. You have done it. If you are like most Americans, you have done it between 16-65 times already in your lifetime. So why are you trying to lose weight it again? This year, approach weight loss on your own, better terms – it should be about losing unhealthy fat, keeping lean body mass, and taking into account the things you already know about your own body (allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, etc.) and lifestyle.


It’s a New Year, Why Not REBBL? Say “No, Thank You” to plans for any or every body and that demand you follow their regime to the letter, and say “Yes, Please” to a better plan created to address who you are right now and your body’s opportunities to work better. Check out the Better Weight Loss plan here – it’s FREE with The Better Nutrition Membership that offers you exclusive access to better tools and real support (from me, Ashley Koff RD)!


Be Mindful: It’s Still Better To Give Than Receive: When we give to others, we get something no food or beverage can give us. We get to be the change we want to see in our world. No matter what your life looks like today, we are the lucky ones. With so much to be grateful for, giving back – whether it’s our time, resources, or support — is something we can always do.

REBBL makes it deliciously easy (and mutually beneficial) to give to others as we reap the nutritional benefits ourselves. REBBL gives 2.5% of every purchase made to their non-profit partner, Not For Sale, who works to eradicate human trafficking, and helps to heal those who’ve already been affected.

Who’s a REBBL creating better change in the world that you know or admire? Snap a pic and share it with us using the hashtag #MindfullyIndulgent, and be sure to tag @REBBL and @ashleykoffapproved. 

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