Berries & Creme Pudding

Real food is delicious food! That’s what makes this dessert berry delicious. It’s made is with our Schizandra Berries & Creme Elixir: A decadent blend of raspberries, blueberries, and — most uniquely — schizandra berries, this antioxidant-packed elixir is a modern twist on the classic Berries ‘N Cream flavor. It boasts complex flavors with a hint of refreshing tartness. It is just as indulgent as ever with creamy coconut-milk, while incorporating super berry schizandra.

To make this incredibly simple recipe, just add chia seeds and your favorite toppings. 

This Berries & Creme pudding makes a delightful midday pick-me-up or a delectable after-dinner treat! Schizandra is a super berry that has long been revered among the Chinese tonic herbs for supporting optimal wellness. It may also help support heart and liver function. Who wouldn’t love a dessert that does all that?!

Berries & Creme Pudding


2 min + Overnight Setting Time
Servings: 2




Toppings: handful of pomegranates, walnut halves, and raspberries


  1. Pour your REBBL Schizandra Berries & Creme into a mason jar, followed by the chia seeds. Seal the jar tightly and shake until fully combined. If there is clumping, open the jar and move the chia seeds around with a spoon
  2. Once fully combined, place sideways in your refrigerator and allow to sit overnight.
  3. Pour into a bowl followed by your favorite toppings or simply keep the chia pudding in the jar, add the toppings and take it to go!

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