B Corp Names REBBL “Best for the World”

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Today, B Corp announced their #BestForTheWorld2019 list and REBBL has been named a Best For The World honoree in recognition of our positive impact on the environment, our workforce, our local communities, our suppliers, our customers, and our corporate governance. We rank in the top 10% of all B Corps across all of these impact areas, earning a spot on the Best For The World: ‘Overall‘ category.

Can one beverage really make a world of difference?

We are boldly reimagining business as usual to fight human trafficking and address climate change. Discover the full story of your favorite beverage brand in this short-film, REBBL with a Cause, narrated by actor and activist Ruby Rose. The piece traces the global supply chain of a single ingredientthe mighty brazil nutto exemplify the potential businesses have for truly revitalizing communities and the world through ethical, impact sourcing. Through our super herb powered elixirs, we demonstrate what it means to use business as a force for good, which is vital now more than ever in this time of political uncertainty, social injustice, and global crisis.  REBBL with a Cause paves a new avenue of hope as we collectively build a brighter, more sustainable and regenerative future together.


REBBL With a Cause: Trailer

We also earned a spot in Best For the World’sCommunity’ category in recognition of our positive impact on communities we worked with and for the way in which we’ve built this level of care for community into our business model. By investing in communities, we work every day to build a shared, sustainable prosperity for all. 

We rank in the top 10% of all B Corps, due to our commitment to exemplary supplier relations and our partnership with local grower communities. We were also assessed on our practices and policies around community service and charitable giving (donating a portion of proceeds to our nonprofit partner ‘Not for Sale‘), as well as the design of each REBBL Elixir to nourish the body while fighting against a social issue like human trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

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